Leadership Forum March 4-5, 2016

March 4-5, 2016 | The Graduate Club


Semiannual Leadership Forums, an ongoing Careers, Life, and Yale program, have been attended by a unique blend of Yale graduate, professional, and undergraduate students — shoulder to shoulder with alumni attendees — for nearly four years. These workshops, which have attracted over 500 students and over 100 alumni, have been led by alumni including Marshall Scholars, a retired Army General, a rapidly-rising Russian business executive, a senior World Bank executive, leaders of Yale, Yale Medal winners, Yale-Jefferson (public service) Award winners, movers-and-shakers in the financial services industry, accomplished athletes, not-for-profit and small-business innovators, leading trial lawyers, and others.

Even better, hundreds of fascinating leadership challenges posed (and analyzed) by attendees have been sorted and studied….creating a compendium of leadership issues to share with the entire Yale community. How does one lead if one is an introvert? How does one lead when everyone else is older/wiser? How does one lead when two other key teammates can’t stand each other? How does one re-inspire a burned-out team? How can one lead and be a friend at the same time?

This March 4-5, these amazing deep-dive explorations of leadership continue: Yale alums will lead the second of two Leadership Forums for the 2016 academic year. Stay tuned for pictures, blog posts, and new leadership challenges to ponder.

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