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Humanities: What’s The Big Idea?

Here’s a timely post, especially considering the exciting Humanities in Action event coming up on November 15!

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Easier Career Transitions 

This post is dedicated to all our military families. Veterans Day is another opportunity to honor U.S. veterans of all wars.  We should also take time to think about the 250,000 military families that are expected to transition to civilian careers as we draw down our forces from remote wars.  As an entrepreneur, submarine veteran, and former hiring manager at a Fortune 40 company, I have experience making career transitions

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University Secretary Kim Goff-Crews’ Keynote Address

Kim Goff-Crews addressed the “Being Useful” audience at Saturday’s memorable Careers, Life, and Yale event.

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One Yale

It’s easy to carry a lot of preconceived notions into a place like Yale, particularly when coming to it from an unusual background.  There are things that one comes into the experience wanting to believe that are immediately apparent, and things that are sometimes harder to find.  I very much wanted to believe that the universally recognized strength of Yale was the diversity perspectives, passions, and disciplines that can be brought together

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Service as Success

“Success without service is merely indulgence.” Kimberly Goff-Crews’s words in her opening address caused me think critically about how I want to use my Yale education to be useful in the world. She informed us that we have an estimated 90,000 hours of work in our lifetime, and challenged us to make those hours meaningful. I initially came into the event feeling daunted by the idea of choosing a career

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“Being Useful” event is underway!

Yale undergraduates, graduate students, and professional students are – right now – attending a wonderful session from Pulin Sanghvi, Director of Career Services at Princeton, on “Career and Life Vision.” Here is a brief excerpt.

A Creative Career

In the book The Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida writes “This book charts the growth in people who are paid principally to do creative work for a living. These are the scientists, engineers, artists, musicians, designers and knowledge-based professionals, whom collectively I call the ‘Creative Class.’” [i] He goes on to theorize that infusing this type of worker into communities is a primary road for economic prosperity and city

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Old Campus Dreams

Is there a dream you’ve harbored from long ago, a dream that you’ve put aside because practical considerations make it too risky to pursue?  Or perhaps life’s demands keep getting in the way, pushing the dream further and further into the future.  As a Yale freshman I wanted to study the great books, to read the Bible and Homer, Plato and Shakespeare, and immerse myself in the Western canon.  But

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So you want to be an Entrepreneur…

“Don’t follow leaders/Watch the parkin’ meters” — Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues” If you really want to be an entrepreneur, and you will know if you do (because you can’t possibly imagine yourself wanting a “real job”), you must expand your realms of knowledge, hang out with odd people, and not settle into any comfortable job for very long right out of college or grad school.  Beware of the prestigious

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How much satisfaction does your current job provide you?

There is a lot being made of job satisfaction; and rightly so.  Gallup conducted a poll on job satisfaction and found that 90% of the workforce is not satisfied with work.  Organizations know that employee satisfaction is important because low-level employee engagement can result in a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth.  However, the workforce needs to understand the personal value of job satisfaction

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