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Financial Life After Yale – Your Budget

Why your budget matters. Some Yalies don’t budget when they leave campus. That’s risky. Unless you start your careers in severe thrift mode – or unless you’re getting paid potloads – you’ll want to track your money flows. In this post, I’ll discuss: Why your budget matters Your budget’s 5 moving parts The 4 horsemen of taxes Sacred savings Tracking transactions Why your budget matters. Budgeting isn’t supposed to be

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Financial Life After Yale

Financial literacy – a career/life skill? When you think about career and life skills, what crosses your mind? Networking? Business etiquette? Interview techniques? Resume-writing? Self-discernment? Clear communication? These all matter, of course. Getting started – or moving along and up your career arc – may require all of them. But what about money? Money shouldn’t be your goal. But it’s crucial to know how money fits into – and can

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