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Financial Life After Yale in Chicago

On Thursday evening, March 16th in collaboration with the Yale Club of Chicago, the AYA sponsored the latest in our series of Careers, Life, and Yale events: Financial Life After Yale. At Morningstar’s elegant Chicago offices, Yale alums John Caserta and Charisse Conanan Johnson spent the evening with a group of recent Yale alums discussing personal financial planning.

Careers, Life, and Yale welcomes!

The Careers, Life, and Yale Blog is very excited and proud to announce that the leading careers website,, co-founded by the great Yalie Alexandra Cavoulacos ’08, is generously sharing their content with our blog! Now in addition to regular and occasional bloggers from our alumni community,’s content, curated for our organization and mission, will appear in the blog – right here! We will start with a sampling of 5

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Charisse Says: 5 Steps to Turn Your Financial Pain into Power

I hope you had a restful weekend! As we continue to mourn the loss of Muhammad Ali, one of the most prolific athletes and fearless leaders of our time, I am reminded of his charm and wisdom – so infectious. This quote of his sticks out: “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up

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Does Your Family Talk Moola?

If you celebrate, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday! I sure did. There is nothing more satisfying to me than spending time with family and friends. My family and I actually talked a lot about investing over the last few days. I am SO proud of my family for being open about their money. Unfortunately, family discussions around money tend to turn ugly, but rest assured that

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<>, I Hate Taxes !

Happy leap year, <<Friend>>!   I started gathering all of my husband’s and my tax data this weekend to file our returns for 2015. I was reminded of how much I hate the process of getting all the W2s, 1099s, giving statements, and other forms together.  It wasn’t always like this – when I was younger, I looked forward to a refund, so the process was smooth and fast  –

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Financial Life After Yale: Your Financial Dashboard (Continued)

Your money path. In my previous Financial Life After Yale post, you’ve read that – as each of us navigates our unique life-path to/through retirement – we actually have our own personal financial dashboard. On it, we can find levers and dials – choices that we can make over the years – that change our money picture and can help us catch up: How much you earn How soon you

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Charisse Says Newsletter #2

Valentine’s weekend came and went but the love stays. I hope you told someone you love – romantic, platonic, or familial – that you love them. If not, stop reading this email, go do it, and come back. Go on! That person may not be here tomorrow. Each of us deserves to know that we are loved.   And, it’s because of our love for others that many of us

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Welcome to Charisse Says!

We will be featuring the periodic blog posts from the “Charisse Says” platform.  Charisse Conanan Johnson ’02 provides financial/investment advice through a variety of platforms:  blogs, website, videos. Here’s her description of her platform:   To live the life you want, you have to be financially confident and secure. Moving forward in life is all about being prepared to take risks.   The Charisse Says platform shows you that there is

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Money and Freedom

The best things in life are free But you can give them to the birds and bees I need money (that’s what I want)   — Barrett Strong, Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford, “Money (That’s What I Want)”   Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no And, feelin’ good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues You

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Financial Life After Yale: Your Financial Dashboard

Your money path. In my previous Financial Life After Yale posts, you’ve read about financial literacy in general; and about budgeting and money-discipline in particular. My latest post – about money-discipline – provided behavioral tips. As you put together your day-to-day budget, and then mark out a path to your financial future, surely there will be rough times. Life throws curve balls. Sometimes that can be a source of great

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