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Careers, Life, and Yale welcomes!

The Careers, Life, and Yale Blog is very excited and proud to announce that the leading careers website,, co-founded by the great Yalie Alexandra Cavoulacos ’08, is generously sharing their content with our blog! Now in addition to regular and occasional bloggers from our alumni community,’s content, curated for our organization and mission, will appear in the blog – right here! We will start with a sampling of 5

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What makes us feel invested in a city?

Last month, I was honored to lead a workshop at the Yale Civic Leadership conference.   My workshop focused on one question:   How can folks who are in a city for a short period of time (like Yale students) feel invested and responsible for the city (like New Haven) they are in during and after their stay in that city?   I want to share what I learned.  

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Service as Success

“Success without service is merely indulgence.” Kimberly Goff-Crews’s words in her opening address caused me think critically about how I want to use my Yale education to be useful in the world. She informed us that we have an estimated 90,000 hours of work in our lifetime, and challenged us to make those hours meaningful. I initially came into the event feeling daunted by the idea of choosing a career

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