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Veteran Employment Challenges

We will eliminate new cases of military veteran unemployment by 2021 using technology, community, and education to provide a coordination and curation service to veterans before they leave the military. Think a digital reverse boot camp. If you’re interested in helping with this national effort, contact me at This may be bold, but there is no magic here. We’re simply helping veterans decide what civilian job they want and

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Easier Career Transitions 

This post is dedicated to all our military families. Veterans Day is another opportunity to honor U.S. veterans of all wars.  We should also take time to think about the 250,000 military families that are expected to transition to civilian careers as we draw down our forces from remote wars.  As an entrepreneur, submarine veteran, and former hiring manager at a Fortune 40 company, I have experience making career transitions

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How much satisfaction does your current job provide you?

There is a lot being made of job satisfaction; and rightly so.  Gallup conducted a poll on job satisfaction and found that 90% of the workforce is not satisfied with work.  Organizations know that employee satisfaction is important because low-level employee engagement can result in a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth.  However, the workforce needs to understand the personal value of job satisfaction

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